The T1D Financial Relief Foundation was formed in 2017 as a direct result of increasing financial burdens that Type 1 Diabetics and their families endure in the United States.


our mission

The T1D Financial Relief Foundation provides financial assistance to T1D's and their families who need help meeting expenses related to the treatment of their disease.

Your foundation’s mission has an urgent level of importance in our current political climate.
— James S. (Donor)

Thank God someone is doing something to help with the astronomical expenses of just trying to stay alive and kicking!
— Judith B.

our founders

  • Mary Camilleri, President - A T1D since 1978.
  • Christine Hartnett, Vice President - A mother of a T1D.
  • Jane Aiken, Secretary - A mother of a T1D.
  • Tesha Buss, Treasurer - A friend of a T1D.